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Visa support

Are you planning to visit Russia? We think it's a wonderful idea and we hope you will enjoy your stay in one of the most fascinating and unpredictable countries in the world.

To enter Russia, you must hold a valid passport, expiring not less than 3 months after the date of your supposed departure from Russia and a Russian visa.

Procedure of receiving a Russian visa consists of two steps, unfortunately both require time and money:

Step 1. Receipt of the Visa Invitation:

Important! In many cases, the Visa Invitation submitted to the Consulate has to be an original, a copy will not be accepted. Therefore, please take in consideration that an additional time and money may be required to receive the original Visa Invitation.

 Step 2. Receipt of the visa at the Russian Consulate:

Important! You have to register your visa after arriving to Russia. The Russian legal entity or a person who invited you to Russia should help you register your visa and help with other problems that may arise (extending your visa, obtaining a new visa in case your passport is lost or stolen, etc).

Useful Hints
Facts you are to state
to enter Russia with tourist purpose for not more than 25 days.

First name


Second names


Date of birth


Place of birth




Passport number


Purpose of visit to Russia


Date of entry to Russia


Date of departure from Russia


Cities you are going to visit


Accomodation in hotel


I am warned of necessity to depart from Russia not later than the mentioned departure date. Signature.


Contact phone number


E-mail adress


Please follow these rules to avoid visa problems.

1. Have Balt Express contact information close at hand.
2. Order the type of visa that is most suitable for the purpose of your trip.
3. Register your visa on time.
4. Make a copy of your visa and passport and always carry them with you. Keep the originals in a safe place.
5. Remember the expiry date of your visa.

6 Vosstania, St-Petersburg, 191025, Russia, tel / fax +7 (812) 335 01 78

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